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Jolly Good!

Thomas Riley Marshall was the 28th Vice President of the United States (during the Woodrow Wilson term, 1913-1921).  And if you are into U.S. political and presidential history, then you certainly must have heard of the following famous Thomas Riley Marshall quote:

“What this country needs is a really good five cent cigar.”

thomas r marshall 5 cent cigarWe agree with Vice President Marshall!

It is absolutely correct, above all, what this Country really needs is a really good 5-cent cigar. Yes sirry!

So, we will give you just that! For a very limited time, we’re making this very fantastic deal available!

Here is the deal:

Buy one sample pack (4 sticks) at regular price ($45.80), and we’ll throw in a second sample pack at 5 cents a stick (for $20 cents more).

This means, you get two sample packs in total, with two sticks of each of our cigars.

They are:

Total of 8 sticks, of quality, handmade, premium cigars for $46.00 (plus shipping)

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